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Wonky Drawings

Towards the end of 2017, we changed the way things happen with the Drawing of the Month Free Prize Draw.

It proves more practical (and easier to administer) if we simply pull a number at random from the current membership list. This way every member of the Bad Taste Bears Club stands a chance of owning a unique piece of BTB original art crafted by my own paws..

However, at the back end of last year, things went a bit wonky. When the winner is identified, a notifying email is sent to the address we have on file. I avoid announcing the winner until I’ve received an acknowledgement from the winner – it seems the right thing to do. For some reason, the last couple of drawings of 2017 remain unclaimed. It could be that the email failed, a simple typing error when entering details etc., landed in the spam bin, or any number of techno-glitches. This coincided with me having a heap of projects demanding my attention and the admin of the Drawing of the Month slipped from my mind. To catch up with myself and make amends for my tardiness, I’d like to bring things up to date with three fresh drawings, this taking care of December, January and February 2018.

Will you be picked as the winner of this juicy little sketch?

You must be tying yourself in knots wondering if this drawing will come your way.

It could be said that to have this sketch in your collection, you’d be well sorted.

Remember, members of the Bad Taste Bears Club are automatically included in the Drawing of the Month Prize Draw.

The winners of these three unique pieces of art will be announced very soon, along with us announcing the names of those yet to claim their Drawing of the Month.

Good luck!