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Where there is dark, let there be light

During early discussions with Nemesis Now, one of the suggestions for functional projects was a Bad Taste Bears lamp. For a brand which has, for the first decade and a half, consisted primarily of collectable figurines, designing a lamp was an adventure. Several sketches were submitted and the rejected ones were shared HERE.
The one selected for developmentwas a perfect extension of the concept used in the Topper Pen Holder.

With the Topper pen holder already complete, the brief to the sculptors was much easier, we simply needed to rearrange a few elements, add electricity and an illuminated blood splash!

It's worth mentioning here that over the years, the simple beady eyes used on most Bad Taste Bears figurines proved limiting in expressing emotion or direction. With working on new and challenging ways to incorporate Bad Taste Bears into other areas of people's lives, it became necessary to explore different approaches to eyes, hence the incorporation of open eyes with visible whites. Take Topper, for example. If the traditional eyes were employed, the bear would be looking ahead and up, almost detatched from the act he's performing. Giving him wide eyes focussing on the gun, it delivers more impact and emotion to the piece. 

Topper Lamp - As it appears in the latest Nemesis Now catalogue.

Of course, to appreciate the true impact of this piece, it needs to be seen in action in the dark.