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Tucker, rhymes with….

A few snippets of recent emails:
“We need you and would love to be able to bring your bears in and be a supplier in SA, we are happy to jump on a plane yesterday to come and discuss”
“BAD TASTE BEARS will be all the rage in sunny SA.”
“I can’t explain how excited I am to get these shocking little buggers here.”
  “Exciting times ahead!”
“I am so confident that they are going to sell like mad here.”
“I am so excited for your BAD Bears in SA I just cant tell you.”
 “I do believe your BAD TASTE BEARS are going to make a huge impact here.”
“Look out South Africa – things are going to get a bit naughty!”
How’s that for enthusiasm?
Introducing Jeanette Butler from South Africa, and latest addition to the army of Bad Taste Ambassadors. In seeing the potential of the Bad Taste Bears to flourish in her home country, Jeanette is launching Tucker Novelties, a new outlet for our ursine miscreants and has kindly agreed to provide regular updates on her progress.
Here are a few words from her to kick things off:
Novelty with oddity. The novelty gift shop.
It all began many years ago when I started making a hand crafted sewn fabric teddy bear. I was a full
on arctophile, a person who loves teddy bears. On travels in the UK one year I came across BAD
TASTE BEARS, and was hooked. A cute little teddy bear with a naughty twist. Love at first sight. I
think I have split personality as I still make my traditional bears but my dark side loves the BAD
TASTE BEAR. These naughty but delightful little bears both thrill and disgust, leaving one feeling a
bit lost but wanting more. A hand crafted perfectly made little bear with an attitude. The collection
is limited so need we say more. From the dark mind and twisted soul of Pete Underhill, the BAD
TASTE BEAR is here in South Africa to thrill and delight.
Naturally, we wish Jeanette and Tucker Novelties every success in bringing the Bad Taste Bears to South Africa and it’s going to be fascinating hearing how her story unfolds in this unique opportunity to share the experience from the beginning.