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Triggers All Around

Inspiration can strike from anywhere. Often, all that is needed is a keen ear and an enquiring mind. During a recent conversation, the subject of which eludes me, the phrase claiming that something or other was better than a poke in the eye with a a sharp stick. While the image itself springs to mind, one can't help thinking how the conclusion was reached in an authoritative manner. A government body responsible for the verification process would, no doubt, be required, along with the inherent health and safety procedures, risk assessments etc.

It's probably worth asking the question 'What was used as the comparison?' There are an almost infinite number of options. For example, A Marmite sandwich is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick; or, Having a staple driven through the nail on your big toe is better….; etc. 

I pity the operative appointed to establish that everything is in fact better than a poke in the eyte with a sharp stick.

The resulting watercolour sketch, a side effect of raising such questions, will be the prize in the 'Drawing of the month' right here.

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