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Those identity marks

Caroline asked me about the various identity marks on Bad Taste Bears figurines and what they mean?

The marks have varied over the years, depending on the licensee at the time.
• There is a © for copyright – everybody needs to protect a good idea, right?

• A year indicator as in this case – 1999, the year of the launch of the brand.

• A small Bad Taste Bears logo – to show that it's an officially licensed product.

• A fish indicates that the licensee was Piranha Studios.

• The initials of the sculptor – in the case of Huey, it will be wl for William Lowrey. 

As time passed, the sculptor’s initials were abandoned, as this example from 2005 shows.
The current mark is NN for Nemesis Now Limited who have also instigated a different numbering method for the figurines.

I hope this makes things a little clearer, though I accept that there are people with far greater knowledge and understanding of such things.