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The Return of the Horde

In support of Nemesis Now's impending release of new licensed Bad Taste Bears products at the 2016 International Spring Fair in February, a special piece of artwork was produced, primarily for reproduction on the 2016 catalogue. After discussions with NN's head of design, it was agreed that it as many characters as possible that figure in the new material appear on a 'bear apocalyse' scenario.

With the location of key elements of the catalogue established, sketches were made to place the key characters.

Apologies for the poor image quality. The art was produced approximately A3 size and therefore too cumbersome to scan during the paint process – hence the awful iPhone images.

Early sketch

After some jostling for position, she shapes began to settle into place in what is possibly the most complex Bad Taste Bear image to date.

Development sketch

The 'Nemesis' logo only appears in the sketch for positional purposes and actual vector art will be added at artwork stage.

More bad photography!

First colour pass

Painted in acrylics, the illustration was built up with successive layers.

The size of the artwork was arrived at after consultation with Nemesis Now on the maximum size that they could accommodate on their scanner. It was decided this approach would maintain quality and avoid it being scanned and assembled in several 'tiles' on our A4 scanner.


The hope is that many of the individuals in the illustration will be recognised in the products upon their release a few weeks from now.

Finally, a shot of the completed catalogue – definitely one for the bookshelf!