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Sneaky Peek – Incredible Bruce

Working on the principle that superheroes or werewolves etc. that transform into different creatures/shapes/sizes, will eventually revert back to their regular appearance.

However, what if there was a part that didn't revert at the same time as everything else? If The Wolf Man had to spend a day with hairy ears or a mouthful of snarly fangs. If Dracula had to contend with a flappy leathery arm after a brief period as a giant bat.

Incredible Bruce

It would be so unfortunate if, after a night of swooshing around foggy London in a Hansom Cab, Doctor Jeckyll had to contend with a pair of immense eyebrows.

I wonder what other circumstances there might be?

The consequences could be Incredible!

Incredible Bruce Turnaround

The production piece, after a little bouncing back and forth with the sculptors, came out well and is suitably unnerving. 

Incredible Bruce