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Pre Release Sneaky Peek – Aren’t you a little wide for a Stormtrooper?

A nibble here and a snack there. Without self-discipline, it doesn't take long before your outfit pinches a little.

Having received the studio images of the actual product from Nemesis Now, a shot of the final piece is included in this 'sneaky peek'.

Image courtesy of Nemesis Now

During discussions on an unrelated piece, the question of having more 'bear' visible within a figurine was raised. Consequently, ideas bounced around in Pete Underhill's head about ways of revealing more bear while maintaining a connection to the subject. It didn't take him too long to arrive at 'Side Order'. 

During the development process, the 'Deathstar Burger' came into being. While a grey bun may not be to everyone's taste, we'd like to bet a gargantuan snack would be a success at conventions. Something to look out for in the future.