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Pre Release Sneaky Peek

After exhaustive discussions and heaps of sketches, a family of new Bad Taste Bears figurines was agreed with Nemesis Now. Preparations began almost immediately after the fabulously positive response to the new material unveiled in February of this year. 

It's been an education all concerned, not least for Pete Underhill who confessed to having to put far more into the visual stage with these new designs in order to help the newly appointed team of sculptord get to grips with the bears.

Some Grimey Action

Once a pencil sketch is agreed between Pete and Nemesis Now, the next stage is to arrive at a five-point coloured 'turnaround' – front, back, sides and plan views, plus any detail breakouts to clear up any confusion.

Pete said “I've never had to work so hard. I'd been spoilt by the expertise of the previous team, where I could get away with a simple 15 minute sketch and the sculptors would know how it looked and would fill in the gaps. A whole  new involvement on my part means I have to think of every detail because the sculptors are virtually BTB virgins. That said, the necessary attention required to effectively deliver the concept meant I had to concentrate on what I was designing, which has naturally led to a more considered and coherent piece.”

We've agreed with Nemesis Now to hold off on revealing the design sketches and any photographs until now. This is the first of many glimpses of the new Bad Taste Bears figurines to premiere at the 2016 Autumn Fair Trade Show.

We're looking forward to showing you the whole range. 

Come back soon to see the other side of this one, and more!