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Now for the twist…

Inspiration for Beary Poppins came from my hearing of the development of the film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, scheduled for release later this year – you may have already seen the trailer. After I’d completed the work on the main piece, I started thinking of ways to make things more interesting – and to further exercise my freshly-developed sculpting skills. What should I do? Obviously, as a Bad Taste Bear, it has certain responsibilities.

The actress playing the part of Miss Poppins in her next cinematic adventure is Emily Blunt. It didn’t take too long for me to arrive at what I could do to replace the contents of that bag. All I had to do was Talk to Frank….


While the factory worked on the main production run of figurines, I set to creating the variant to coincide with the release.

Digital sculpt, 3D printed tests to match the approval sample from the factory – I needed to know that my replacement element would fit the ones I’d ordered with empty bags.

   Trying the blunts for size

It was important that the configuration matched the toys in Beary Poppins’ bag to enable them to fit into the same packaging. Once I was happy with the fit, the inserts were printed, primed, sprayed with a base coat of Warhammer black before being individually painted.

Once the container arrived and was unloaded, I collected the ’empties’ from Nemesis Now and assembled the team.

   Possibly the only occasion that all ten Emily’s Blunts will be seen together.

This includes a dinky little certificate of authenticity which confirms that there will only ever be ten of ‘Emily’s Blunts’ released into the wild. Each special custom stash is handpainted by me, the unique hand finished certificate with corresponding issue number to uniquely pair with the figurine, which has a numbered plaque inset into the back of her carpet bag – numbered one to ten, of course.

  Comparing Emily’s Blunts with Beary Poppins.

  Adding the certificate to the pack before closing her up.

  All packed and ready to blend in with the crowd!

Just like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, these ten pieces will be embedded into the stock in Nemesis Now’s warehouse ready to be discovered – or disappear forever like the last few minutes of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark. Wow – that’s three movies I’ve referenced in one news piece!

I’m really interested to hear where Emily’s Blunts surface.

Let the madness unfold!