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Nemesis Now

I've just signed a licensing agreement with those purveyors of dark fantasy, Nemesis Now, to develop new product lines for my Bad Taste Bears and I confess to being more invigorated by recent developments than I have for some time.

I first met with them in February and we discussed directions to explore. It was decided that the core product range of figurines wasn't right for them at this time, so we agreed to develop alternative avenues.

The agreement we have includes a strict non-disclosure agreement which exists to protect both parties, so I'm unable to share too much information, yet. Ideas, sketches, sculpts and product images will trickle through, but it's important to allow retailers their chance to make their own revelations to tie in with availability.

What I can tell you is that I'm presently scribbling away like a mad thing, finalising drawings for the release of twelve products in September this year. We know what we're going to produce, I just need to pin down what everything will look like. Because of the enormous resource of Bad Taste Bear art and ideas that I have there will be recogniseable elements and influences which will provide continuity for those familiar with the brand and I'm thrilled with how everything is fitting together.

It's proving energising for me to break new ground and not be bound by the constraints that have existed previously, furthermore, I'm delighted to be working with the fresh minds at Nemesis Now on these new developments. I promise, I'll show you more when I can.

To get a flavour of Nemesis Now's huge range, many of which you'll probably already know, get over to their website HERE