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Miss Poppins gets her bag filled

Here come the dildos!
From my experience with the dildo throne, amassing an array of dildos and vibrators to tumble from Miss Poppins's bag wasn't too difficult. Working with basic 'primitives' to create the basic cylindrical form, the addition of lumps, bumps, ridges and nodules was relatively straightforward. In many cases, A basic shape could be modified to achieve what I wanted, before being exported as a 'tool' (fnar fnar), then hitting 'undo' a few times, I could rewind to the simple form to be modified to a arrive at a new and exciting shape. 
After the first few, I switched to a different form to have some variety. Long and floppy, stumpy and bumpy, veiny and smooth, etc. 

Once the collection was made, each element was carefully placed to look as though they had tumbled from the bag. Some needed to be bent, or distorted to sit correctly. The block created earlier to extract from the bag to create the hole in the bag was incorporated to bind them and act as a plug to fit to the bag’s interior. These images show the ghosted positioning within the bag.

This view shows the assembled 'plug' ready to be inserted. 
The use of the block served to remove any unwanted air spaces within the mass to avoid casting difficulties.
I also added the handle – a simple enough process whereby a rectangular block was massaged into place through the hand and linking up with the lip of the bag.