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Feedback was required for the next Floating Head

While the figurine of Medusa had 'man parts' for hair, it was decided that the painting of the same character would work better with snakes. Mindful of the fact that there was already more than one image in the series with a backward tilting head, the first sketch was made with Medusa leaning forward. While enjoyable to draw, the result was less impactful, so a second sketch was made head back and wide-eyed.

Rather than simply soldier on and produce a painting that could potentially be less well received, it was decided to get feedback from Facebook.

Too coy?

with menace?

At this early stage, rather than spending time unnecessarily drawing snake heads, the forms of the snakes were left more worm-like.

After 24hrs on Facebook, the opinion was very much in favour of the head back version, although after taking the advice of Mrs Underhill, further adjustment was made to the mouth and the snakes gained their heads.

The benefit of having the more upright pose is that it permits inclusion of a piece of jewellery at the neck. This final element will be drawn up prior to beginning the painting.

Look out for the completed art soon.