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Drawing of the Month – May’s Winner

Anybody who has been to an event where I am given the opportunity to draw a raffle prize or select a winner – I really dislike the responsibility. Not that I dislike the elevation of joy in the winner, but the proportionally huge wave of disappointment from those that didn't win. In these situations, I'll often employ the innocent hand of a nearby child who won't be troubled by such considerations and happily draw the ticket from the pile.

The same situation applies when it comes to the Bad Taste Bears Drawing of the Month and choosing a winner. This is how I protect myself from angst and remain impartial:

Notifications of entry are sequentially numbered and gathered in a spreadsheet. Upon closing of entries – midnight on the last day of the month, the total number of entries is put into Google's Random Number Generator. In the case of May, there were 79 entries, so the parameters are set between 1 and 79. Clicking 'Generate' provides the number, which in turn selects the winner, counting from the top of the list. 

Congratulations to Rob Graham, the sixth entrant on the list and the new owner of a piece of original Bad Taste Bears art!

The odd thing about using a random number generator, the result is never as I expect. Not that there's a 'right' number because I have to remain impartial, but, take May's selection of No.6 for instance. Personally, I have no problem with six as a number, but I've noticed a tinge of 'is that all?' in me when the number is displayed, almost as if I was expecting a number more entertaining in some way.

Obviously, I can't click the 'Generate' button again in the hope that a more exciting number will pop up, because that would be robbing the winner of the prize. I'm sure Derren Brown would acknowledge that humans can't select random numbers when asked, they will probably go for something in the middle, but not exactly in the middle, but a bit off the exact centre because slap bang in the middle isn't random, is it? So they go off to one side, but which way? And by how much? Certainly not halfway to the end because, again, a quarter in from the end is too tidy, too ordered. And so goes the thought process until a number is selected, at random. So, it's fair to say that a human when asked for something random, will actually arrive at something really quite considered.

Am I thinking too hard?

Thanks Google Random Number Generator and congratulations to Rob Graham.