Drawing of the Month

Exploring new ideas for the Bad Taste Bears means creating lots of scribbles, doodles and coloured artworks. Register for your chance to win this month's collectable and original creation created by our dear leader.

Our dear leader, Pete Underhill, had a brainwave to share some of his sketches, ideas and scribbles created in the production of Bad Taste Bears over the years. Every month he's going to give one away to a lucky punter. It's a win/win situation. He gets to draw and paint and get his creative kicks and every month, and someone gets an original and unique piece of art to own, cherish, share, swap for sweeties, or slap on eBay!

The Drawings of the Month giveaway requires membership of the BTB Club and every member is automatically entered into the draw. It's free to join, so what are you waiting for? Join us!

Previous Drawings of the Month

These Bad Taste Bears artworks have been claimed by lucky recipients in previous months.

  • Drawing of the Month for November 2017

    Up for grabs, join the BTB Club!

    Vampire the Buffet Slayer

    Because this drawing was executed towards the end of October, it’s pretty clear where the influence came from.

  • Drawing of the Month for October 2017

    Up for grabs, join the BTB Club!

    But, when the bandages came off…

    This delicate drawing explores the emotions experienced after post-operative dressings are removed. Nothing that I’ve had to endure thus far.

  • Drawing of the Month for August 2017

    Now owned by Keith Rea

    Red tape leaves blood on your hands

    There have recently been a number of situations in the media which suggest that when red tape is involved, someone will inevitably end up with blood on their hands.

  • Drawing of the Month for July 2017

    Now owned by Janice Nudd in Victoria, Australia

    Lighting Sketch

    Pen and ink with blue pencil on 90lb Bockingford watercolour paper.

  • Drawing of the Month for June 2017

    Now owned by Dawn Tatler-Bourne in Stoke on Trent

    Just Chillin’

    Cushioned on a pillow of smoke, it’s unlikely that this bear could be any more relaxed.

  • Drawing of the Month for May 2017

    Up for grabs, join the BTB Club!

    In the interests of comparison

    In the interests of accurate comparison, someone would need to be given the task of deciding whether it is in fact better or worse.

  • Drawing of the Month for April 2017

    Now owned by Joep Langeveld in Bedfordshire, UK

    The Lodger

    There I was, minding my own business, and suddenly I had a seagull nesting on my head. Apparently having a bird crap on you is supposed to be lucky, though I remain unconvinced that being splattered by fish-flavoured Tippex is in any way fortunate. Still, I hope you are lucky in that you get to own this splatterfest and can smother yourself in good fortune.

  • Drawing of the Month for March 2017

    Now owned by John in Barnstable


    Teddy bears are not naturally inclined to higher levels of intelligence. This purple ink and watercolour sketch would make an ideal gift for the idiot in your life.

  • Drawing of the Month for February 2017

    Now owned by Mario Castro in Fife, Scotland

    Put on your Drinkin’ Pants!

    Doesn’t everybody have a pair of drinking pants? A small watercolour sketch extolling the virtues of alcohol consumption whilst wearing underwear. Drink Wisely!