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Croako the Clown

Medusa was originally scheduled to be the next in the series, but this guy seems to have barged his way to the front of the queue. He looks the type.

The ethos of the Floating Head collection is simplicity. The initial thought that led to the inclusion of this nasty clown was one of a bear having removed his clown mask to reveal this less than savory character. However, once the drawing began to take shape, it became clear that the image, with the head, mask and tearing hand, was too complex to sit with the rest of the set. The decision was taken to compromise and go for a simpler look.

Pencil stage

The image shows the pencil stage, drawn up on A4 watercolour board, with a black acrylic background blocked in.

As with all of the Floating Heads, this will be completed in Liquitex heavy body acrylics.

See below for progress.


A few hours in, building up the form using acrylics very much like watercolour washes, before applying opaque texture and highlights.


Croako the Clown – complete. This took longer than expected, but the extra time spent produces a better piece of art – hopefully.