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Concept Sketches

In exploring ways to incorporate the Bad Taste Bears into people's everyday lives, we've been working on some ideas for Bad Taste Bears lamps. 

These visuals started out as pencil sketches which were scanned and digitally coloured. Since most indoor lighting spends a fair amount of time turned off, it was important to have a piece which works visually when turned off.

Because the actual design chosen for development remains top secret (well, we have to hold something back as a surprise) these are the concept sketches that were put aside and can be shared with you.

You might recognise this Mummy Lamp as the inspiration was a piece from the 'Floating Heads' collection. Conversely, the Swamp Witch came into being as part of this lighting project and there's every chance that she'll find herself painted as a floating head.

Possibly the least pretty and furthest from traditional Bad Taste Bears proportions is the 'Zombie on a Stick' Lamp, but would certainly work well on its own as a piece of objet d'art!

While chocolate may not be considered bad taste, any number of distasteful nuggets could rest on that tongue! The energy and enthusiasm in this is quite contageous.