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Concept Sketches

Everybody loves a clown, right?

Popular culture continues to provide inspiration to the Bad Taste Bears. After watching the Andy Muschietti version of Stephen King’s ‘IT’, I was driven to explore the potential. The floating red balloon figures strongly in the film and would therefore be a useful element to include in a ‘homage’ to the work.

I was, however, reluctant to have a wire support for the balloon. A few years ago, there was a figurine which did just that and I gather that damage caused in transit was a big problem. Apparently the wire support would flex and break off pieces of the polyresin balloon. Having learned from the experience, I wanted to avoid such a calamity happening twice. No wire, no floating balloon. I wanted a balloon, but needed to keep it anchored to the main form. I’d already used Edward Scissorhands to make a balloon sculpture, so that was out. Could he sit on it, hold it, replace a part of himself with a balloon and fulfill the need to maintain the ethos of the brand? During the weeks of carrying the tought with me, but not actually put pencil to paper. Time to grasp the nettle and get scribbling to see what comes out!

Within a few minutes of sketching, an idea gelled and the elements began falling into place. The simple question popped into my head – How does the balloon get inflated?

Here are my first sketches and my subsequent tighter drawings. Once I had the solution, I could develop the idea and pin down how he’d look from all directions. Enough to give me all the information I need to begin sculpting ‘PennyFarting’.