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Collector Profile

Your Name?
Millie Clark

Where in the world are you?
I'm in the UK, in Wombourne.
Are there any other BTB collectors in your area?
Unfortunately I haven't met any near me. Boooohooooo!!!!
Tell us a little about yourself?
Well, I'm a 30 something red-headed nurse (see Hardy's back in pics) who's been collecting since 2000/2001. I've currently retired from collection bears as I have reached my limit (well the shelves have) and I have all my unicorns, my sought after bears.
I own a few commissioned painting from the ‘bear god’ which are all framed and on the wall.

What was your first Bad Taste Bear, and when and why did you get it?
Mine was willy back in 2000 from the Gadget Shop…… a blast from the past ay?
Well, it was a bear flashing his willy. Why not get it? 

How many Bad Taste Bears do you have in your collection? 
300+. I lost count at 309!
Do you collect anything else?
Irregular choice shoes. Oooooooh!
What was the last concert you went to?
Fallout Boy….. rock on!!


Do you have any BTB related anecdotes/stories you want to share?
Well, the 1st time I met the ‘bear god’ he asked me to help him look through his boot as he'd lost his phone.
I then nearly locked myself in his TVR and nearly had to help bump start it too! Hehehe.

What’s the worst haircut you ever had?
A perm like a poodle when I was 12. ahhhh!!!!
Has being a BTB collector introduced you to any like-minded people?
It was fun when I attended Greystoke, but as I said there's hardly any BTB collectors near me….. or if so, please say Hi!!

'Bear God'

Do you have a favourite character in the BTB range?
Pete, the one that started it all.
Are there any BTB's you'd have to hide if a family member came over? 
Nope. I let them all hang out.
Which would you rescue (after your children, pets etc.) from a house fire?
Ooooh, hard decision. Mmmmm. Pete, super bear who's also the archive production piece from Pete's own collection…. yep, that one.


Are there any specific pieces or piece you’d like to add to your collection?
Sorry to sound like I'm bragging…. but I've got all my unicorns.
What’s the best/worst thing about collecting naughty teddy bears?
They are soooo unique, but there's way too many to keep track of.
How do you display your collection?
They are in the loft at the moment due to little fingers of my toddler grabbing them…. the special bits are in the fireplace.
Have you had any disasters or breakages? 
3 house moves, yep, there have been a few, but nothing to make me cry as the special bits traveled in the front seat in meters of bubble wrap with the seatbelt on.
What’s your favourite sandwich?
Ooooh, a classic sausage and egg. Mmmm, yumm.

If you were to create a Bad Taste Bears themed day, what would it involve?
We'd take over Alton towers and have BTB in costume walking around with like ‘Where's Wally’ but ‘Where’s Pete?’

Is there a Bad Taste Bear that you’d absolutely not want in your collection, and why?
He's in mine but I'm not to keen on DJ.

If a Bad Taste Bear was created to show the darker side of your character – what would it be like? Can you draw it?
I've drawn a couple (see above) … let's say never buy cheap loo rol.l eww.
If you were to buy a Bad Taste Bear product for these people – which would it be and why?

Justin Bieber – I wouldn’t waste my money!!
The Queen – Freddy the bear of course
The Pope – No competition, defo Dope Bear
Donald Trump- Ooh, all the Vics… he might get the message
Kanye West- Oh, fitz cause that's where he can stick it.

Thanks for sharing
Cheers Millie xx