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Collector Profile – Reece Gainford

Where in the world are you?
Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Are there any other BTB collectors in your area?
One of my friends had a collection but other than that none that I know of, most were about 2+ hours away.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a bricklayer/builder, 27 started collecting when I was about 23/24, just bought our new house and am in the stages of ripping stuff out an doing it up.

What was your first Bad Taste Bear, and when and why did you get it?
Techincally my first was when I was really young we went on holiday to Great Yarmouth, and in the arcade grab machines there were the soft plush bears which we won, Nursie, Scarlett, and Ringo, but my first figurine was Arnold and I got it because I love the Terminator films, 

How many Bad Taste Bears do you have in your collection? 
About 450/500, maybe more.

Do you collect anything else?
Coins, Pokemon cards, a few pops that I like 

What was the last concert you went to?
It was either to go see Guns ‘n’ Roses or Blink 182, a while ago though.

Do you have any BTB related anecdotes/stories you want to share?
Once me and the missus made a snow bear we were very proud of 🙂 (see picture)
Also at one of the events, which were really fun by the way, and I didn’t even go to the older, better ones that I’ve seen videos of as I didnt collect then, were really fun games like putting your hands through the pizza pick out a ball an see what you’d won.

What’s the worst haircut you ever had?
Back in primary school I had a shaved head like I do now, but I had a fringe that came down to my eyebrows! 

Has being a BTB collector introduced you to any like-minded people?
Yeah, the BTB comunity is great on the old forums Facebook pages and at the events

Do you have a favourite character in the BTB range?
Shaun, old Death, George and Mildred

Are there any BTB's you'd have to hide if a family member came over? 
No I didn’t hide them as I’m proud of them, but it is funny when my friend’s kids ask their parents “What’s that bear doing, Mummy?”, and they come out with the best answer they can, lol.

Which would you rescue (after your children, pets etc.) from a house fire?
18″ Death and Blue Kongo

Are there any specific pieces or piece you’d like to add to your collection?
Albino Kongo, Gold Kongo, 16″ Lucifer and some others. I wish there was a Deadpool one 

What’s the best/worst thing about collecting naughty teddy bears?
Best thing is they make me smile and others smile when they see them, worst is depends on how fast they get released it could become pricey collecting them 

How do you display your collection?
In my old house they were in glass display cabinets, but at the moment they are all in their boxes in storage.

Have you had any disasters or breakages? 
Touch wood – none yet, just a display cabinet glass door

What’s your favourite sandwich?
Chicken mayo with tuna mayo mmmmmmm!

If you were to create a Bad Taste Bears themed day, what would it involve?
Bad Taste Bear heroes and villians. I know there’s been one before, but it sounds fun.

Is there a Bad Taste Bear that you’d absolutely not want in your collection, and why?
No. They all have a home here if they want 🙂 

If a Bad Taste Bear was created to show the darker side of your character – what would it be like? Can you draw it?
I’m really morbid so probably me standing in the middle of dead bears around me and I’m just like “Meh” with my arms in the “Oh well” pose. 

If you were to buy a Bad Taste Bear product for these people – which would it be and why?
Justin Bieber – Fitz
The Queen – Diamond Liz
The Pope – Black Pope or Blue Peter
Donald Trump – Trigger
Kanye West – Odie