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Bad Taste Bears Lydia Bottle Opener Video Review

Posted on July 18 2016

Bad taste bears. What defines them? They've got to be in 'Bad Taste', obviously, and be of the bear-y descent. We get that.

What makes a true Bad Taste Bear though is when it's more appalling than disgusting, and more horrifying than just 'a bit taboo'. This is certainly where the brand new BTB bottle opener 'Lydia' comes into her own.

"If this doesn't shock the unshockable then nothing will" - Man on the street, 2016

'Perhaps the greatest bottle opener in the world' - Bad taste bear fanatic, 2016

See what we're talking about in the video review down below!


 Video review by Kyle. 

Click below to get you a Lydia of your very own.


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