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Bad Taste Bears Hardback Journal Video Reviews

Posted on July 12 2016

You'll all know by now the Bears are back in town, and we're over the moon with the response we've got to these new products. So we thought you lot would like to see them up close and personal.

So in light of this, we're going to be kicking it off by introducing the fantastic Bad Taste Bear Journals!

These make use of some classic Bad Taste Bear artwork from down the years, combining that with a simply sleek but elegant journal design makes for a perfect gift, be it for yourself or like-minded outrageous BTB fan!

Check them out in more detail below! Bad Taste Bear video reviews by Kyle.

Bad Taste Bear Stitch Journal - for those leather-faced-bad-tasted bear lovers out there!

 Bad Taste Bear Jason Journal - Because for some it's Friday 13th every day, right?

 Order your journals below!

Bad Taste Bear Hardback Journals

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