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The Bad Taste Bears are Back

Posted on April 29 2016

The dark days are over, said Florence and her machines, and guess what? She was right.

The Bad Taste Bears are back!
The Bad Taste Bears are Back is your one stop place to catch up on the latest news regarding the little critters, and not only that but we will be providing the new range of BTB homeware and desktop furniture manufactured by the wonderful team over at Nemesis Now.

'That's all well and good, but where's those damn figurines?!' - I hear you ask?!

Fear not!
Nemesis Now are knee deep in business readying the launch of a brand new wave of figurines for Autumn 2016, this will include some poll opinionated fan favourites as well as some totally new, never before seen designs!

Exciting times lay ahead, but you still may have a few questions, so here's a snippet of an FAQ to satisfy perhaps just some of them.

Q: What products are currently available?

A: We currently have some of the new homeware range and desktop furniture in stock and ready to dispatch, check out the shop for more details on what products are available.

Q: When will the full range of BTB homeware accessories be available?

A: The rest of the range is expected to be available in early June 2016 and we shall be taking pre-orders soon.

Q: When will the figurines be available for sale?

A: Whilst we haven't got a firm release date of the brand new wave of figurines, it's looking likely that Autumn 2016 should see their glorious return.

Q: Will there be any subscription style schemes?

A: Woah there! Not so fast. Nemesis Now are merely a supplier to retailers and don't sell to the general public. Subscription schemes may become available in the future but this will be down to the individual retailer.

Q: Will there be a collectors club?

A: Not at the moment, however never say never and it could be something that naturally makes its way back into the community.

Q: Where's the forum gone?!

A: Forums? Are those still a thing? If there's enough interest we could definitely see one manifest itself at some point - however there's a plethora of Facebook communities that will welcome you with open arms should you want to gorge on BTB goodness.

Q: I can't seem to find a database of any of the old figurines on the website?

A: Fear not, has done a great job in documenting everything you'll need to know.

To buy the latest Bad Taste Bears product range please visit our store here:


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