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Beary Returns, mostly

Back in May, the tooling master for Beary Poppins was sent out to the factory and, because this is the first ever piece totally sculpted by Pete Underhill, it is a significant piece of history of the Bad Taste Bears. Logically, it was requested that it be returned to Blighty once the factory had done its thing – not least because at approching £500 for the 3D printed original, she’s an expensive trinket and it would be tragic to simply allow it to be lost.

The factory had originally warned us that tooling masters are often damaged or broken during the molding procedure and that she may not survive, to which our response was “Send the pieces. We can glue her back together, should anything happen”.

It was with some relief we received a photograph of the intact model. She’d survived!

The factory had made slight adjustments to strengthen and streamline to model by adding regular sculpting wax. In addition, the pink marker indicates the optimum line where the mold will open to release the final piece.

So, Beary was not without her battle scars, but she was safe – or so I thought. Beary was packed up and shipped back to the UK.

Somewhere between being photographed at the factory and landing in the UK, she has misplaced the ‘special contents’ of her bag.

The factory are trying to locate the wayward toys. Time will tell. Until the actual piece arrives, the empty space has been filled with the lightweight PLA print made prior to the high resolution SLA master to avoid Beary having to spend time without a suitable insertion.

At the time of typing this message (Aug 12), we are awaiting the arrival of pre-production paint samples.