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Bad Taste Bears – The Return

Even though the International Spring Fair is still some months off, the promotional material is being put together now. Nemesis Now requested an illustration that could be used instead of regular product shots. Looking through the many sketches produced in recent months, there was one clear favourite that encapsulated 'The Return'.

In the short term, the illustration was required for a press ad, and artwork was drawn up to provide ample space for text and information. The illustration was completed in acrylics on heavy watercolour paper.

The full image

The artwork was completed over a three day period, the background being handled first, saving the more enjoyable part for last. Please excuse the poor quality of the progress image, which was captured on an old iPhone.



A closer look

To ensure the image had enough detail and quality for uses other than promoting the release of new product, it was painted at A3 size, thus opening up additional opportunities – and made the image more rewarding and enjoyable to create.