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Bad Taste Bears Figurines – The future, and how you can help!

In considering the re-introduction of Bad Taste Bears figurines, the core product for fifteen years, we’ve drawn up a shortlist of twenty five of the most popular pieces.

Since their release in 1999, there have been in excess of 700 individual Bad Taste Bear designs and we’ve assessed every one of them. In arriving at this list, factors like popularity, collector ratings, actual sales figures and good old gut instinct were taken into consideration. 

With your help, we’d like to arrive at twelve characters to introduce a whole new generation to the Bad Taste Bears – and nobody is better qualified to point us in the right direction than you.

As a little incentive, everyone who takes part in this poll and helps in this decision making process will be entered into a prize draw. One lucky individual, chosen at random after the closing date of 31 March 2016 will recieve a signed 2016 Nemesis Now catalogue featuring exciting cover artwork by Pete Underhill. This fat, juicy catalogue, which is only available to trade customers of Nemesis Now, in addition to being packed with their incredible product range, shows the newly released Bad Taste Bears material and the artwork produced specifically by Pete to support the release. An exclusive addition to any Bad Taste Bears collection!

We appreciate that you may already have a great many of the figurines we’re asking you to vote on and your personal favourite may not appear here, (it’s been a real struggle arriving at these twenty five) but your input as to which you think the new generation of Bad Taste Bears fans would engage with would be hugely appreciated and you’ll be really influential in how the next step is to be taken. 

What we need you to do is enter your name and email address in the appropriate boxes, then place three votes in order of preference and, the bonus question – tell us which single bear you would like to see as a giant figure standing approx 8.5” tall.

So, that’s it. All you need to do now is complete the Bad Taste Bears Figurine Poll here

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your help!

Bad Taste Bears

Don’t forget, we’ll need your name and email address to enter you into the prize draw.

One entry per email address. The winner of the prize will be selected at random after the closing date of 31 March 2016 and the winner will be notified within 24hrs of the closing date using the email address provided. It will be the prize winner’s responsibility to provide an address to which the prize can be mailed by Royal Mail Signed For delivery.

The names and email addresses provided when taking part in this poll are are supplied for the purposes of administration and analysis of this poll only and will not be stored or passed to any third party after the data has been processed.

After weeding out the cheeky multiples, we were left with 418 poll submissions. Anybody that knows Pete Underhill will confirm how much he hates drawing winning tickets of any type. He explains “In that moment, I might create an immediate winner, but the flip side is that I simultaneously create a wave of disappointment in those whose ticket wasn't drawn. To absolve myself of that responsibility, using an online random numbergenerator, I entered the parameters – 1 to 418, clicked 'Enter' and it gave me threw up the number 124.”
Number 124 on the list is Michael Jacobitz.

Hopefully, the email entitled 'Congratulations' doesn't end up in his Spam bin along with offers of cheap meds, willy enlargements and investment opportunities and we look forward to mailing his signed 2016 Nemesis Now Catalogue containing the first wave of new Bad Taste Bears material.

How to choose a winner!