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Bad Taste Bears Club Newsletter – First Issue

After a slight stumble on takeoff when the email server rejected the message because it had “Too Many Recipients”, the #1 issue of 'Pulling Teeth' has been sent out to the ever-growing membership. We're working on the list of recipients for the retail stockists, and that should go to them in a few days.

The newsletter is intended as the primary voice of the BTB Club and, in addition to providing insider information, updates, sneak previews of what's going on with the Bad Taste Bears, it invites contributions from members, stockists, buyers and sellers – in fact, anybody with Bad Taste Bear related stuff to share. 
It's also embracing the BTBForum here as a more immediate and interactive connection within the community.

To ensure you receive your copy, sign up for the club. It's free and you get to use 'Pulling Teeth' and the forum to connect with fellow enthusiasts of ursine unpleasantness.

Until we finalise the club gateway here on this site (yeah, I know) the easiest way is to take part in the 'Drawing of the Month' free prize draw. Not only do you get automatic inclusion in the BTB Club, you could also win a piece of original Bad Taste Bears art by Pete Underhill – see here for more details.