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Autumn Fair 2016

With the appearance of seventeen pieces, the 2016 Birmingham Autumn Fair saw the release of more Bad Taste Bears than ever before.

Eight of the releases might be familiar to some because they are the 'remastered' classics brought up to date with the new numbering system and refreshed sculpting.

In addition, a bevvy of new and exciting figurines and a desk lamp make up the rest of the collection. Add this new batch to the already established line up and the range is truly impressive.

Pete Underhill went along to Nemesis Now stand on the first day of the show to handle the merchandise and check over the rest of their huge range.

He said “So far, the closest I've been to the new material is receiving progress images and examples for approval. It's so satisfying to handle them in the flesh. I'm delighted with the standard of finish and am thrilled to put my name to them.

It was also wonderful to see the work of my good friend James Ryman on the Nemesis Now stand. His imagery is exceptional and I hope to see more of his fantastic work reproduced in the Nemesis Now range in future.”

Pete Underhill gets to grips with his new babies

Look out for the new Bad Taste Bears figurines alongside the rest of the range at your local BTB retailer over the coming weeks.