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A Floaty Announcement: PennyFarting

Once bitten, twice is OK.


It may have seemed a little quiet here at BTB Towers, but rest assured, I’ve not put down my pencils and paintbrushes. Since the last release by Nemesis Now of the Beary Poppins figurine, I’m well aware that there has been little for naughty bear enthusiasts to get their teeth into. So, I’ve been playing to my strengths and having a great time exploring my art, a product of which I’m excited to share now.

This acrylic painting of PennyFarting takes the idea I created for a figurine and escapes the constraints of a 3D piece needing to stay upright and permits a more expressive pose. It also lets me paint a floaty balloon on a string without having to worry about how to support it on a piece of wire!

I actually did this piece twice. I’d finished the first version and prior to scanning it for reproduction, decided to apply a varnish to seal and bring out the rich colour and tonal values. Disaster! All of the bright colour and highlights disappeared! A few days’ work, wrecked! I wasn’t confident that working back into the painting to fix the damage on top of the varnish would be successful, so I abandoned it and started from scratch. If you’ve ever had a similar experience, doing something a second time seems to go faster and smoother, probably because of lessons learned first time around.

With previous Limited Edition print releases, the scramble to get particular numbers has been a thing. This time, to spice things up, we’re doing something different – for the first five orders, as a little ‘Thank You’ I’ll include a little original sketch, personalised to you.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it!