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Adding colour and getting ready to print.

Once reasonably happy with the progress, it was time to submit the model as a sequence of screen shots along with coloured visuals for the factory to provide their costing estimate. 

Because my training has yet to progress to colouring my model within ZBrush, I opt for a process I understand. 
ZBrush allows the user to select from a wide variety of materials for the model to be displayed in. I selected a white chalk and saved a snapshot of my model from all appropriate angles with the plug in section both floated away and in situ. These snapshots were opened in Photoshop where I experimented with flat colours applied on a separate later set to ‘Multiply’ which allowed the tonal values of the snapshot to maintain the form, while my colour layer merely altered the hue.

Once I’d established the overall colour scheme from one angle, it was a matter of sampling each flat colour (with the snaphot layer hidden) to arrive at a colour palette that I could employ on all other views. Because the intention was to paint the ‘dildo plug’ separately and bond into place later, I coloured it up in the detached state. 
When all angles were coloured, I marked up separately a set of Pantone colours for the factory to follow.
Thankfully, the factory didn’t need the physical model to arrive at their price.

While we waited for the factory to come back with numbers, I made minor changes to the model. Nothing so drastic that it would alter the price, but small adjustments to texture and subtle positional tuning getting her ready for 3D printing.