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A Bad Taste Poet

In the first edition of 'Pulling Teeth' the newsletter of the Bad Taste Bears Club, we ran a limerick competition. The idea was to submit a limerick based around a Bad Taste Bears character. The response was fabulous and the entries were published in Issue #2. 

Mario Castro is clearly highly poetic!

The winner was selected on technical merits, structure, meter, rhyme, and of course, rudeness. The limerick judged to be the most outstanding would be reproduced by hand by Pete Underhill using his best calligraphy pens and on quality paper and mailed to the author.

This winning limerick was submitted by Mario Castro.

Medusa took pride in her hair
Real wonderful locks born to snare
One glance and you're doomed
Those phalluses bloomed
And turned you rock hard with such flair

Mario showing off his poetry skills

Competition Banner - drawn by Pete Underhill, of course.

To exploit Pete and his pen, we're planning to run the naughty limerick competition as an occasional feature. 

If you can come up with a suitably outrageous piece of prose, you too could have your work returned to you in the form of delicious calligraphy. 

All you need to do is become part of the free-to-join Bad Taste Bears Club (click the link below) and submit your limerick.

Come on, get writing!